OntoMedia is a multimedia management system based on Semantic Web technology.

The main goal of OntoMedia is the management of large multimedia collections using semantic integration techniques for metadata by applying state-of-the-art ontology driven Semantic Web technology to the multimedia domain. The user can organize multimedia collections with a graphical user interface which includes easy metadata indexing and search capabilities.

OntoMedia is easy to use and provides the following core features:

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I started the development cycle of the next OntoMedia code generation. This version will be based on the new Sesame 2 framework which will hopefully include better write performance and inference support for the native RDF sail.

As promised I published the source code of OntoMedia at SourceForge. Have a look here!

My dissertation about ontology design and OntoMedia was published by Akademische Verlagsgesellschaft AKA. Title: "Entwurf und Realisierung von Ontologien für Multimedia-Anwendungen."; Reihe DISDBIS : Dissertationen zu Datenbanken und Informationssystemen; Nr. 0089; ISBN 3-89838-489-6. 

We finished a major update to the Mediaplayer Framework of OntoMedia. We are able to play XVID and DivX Movie with OntoMedia inside the application. Many thanks go to the developers of JFFMpeg for their wunderful JMF library. This release includes a major revision of the OntoMedia Core Ontology.
23.04.2005: Welcome to the official launch of this website. I hope you enjoy this tool as much as we do!