OntoMedia would not have been possible without numerous external components we will give credits now on this page.


The Sesame RDF Framework is the heart of the RDF database abstraction layer of OntoMedia. This component is the foundation of the whole Semantic Web Technology used, and it does a fantastic job. Many thanks go to Jeen and Arjohn for the constant support and help during core development of the application!
The Touchgraph Framework was the central visual inspiration of our user interface concept since the very early design stages of the application. The spring-layout algorithms make the Category Browser fun to use and provide easy display for even huge category graphs.
The Java Media Framework (JMF) provides most of the multimedia playback functionality of OntoMedia. It is a powerful multimedia abstraction layer which turns Java applicatons into fully fledged multimedia machines. In addition to JMF we use QuickTime for Java, 3vix Decoders and the JLayer MP3 Framework to playback special kinds of media.

There are various external components we use to scan media for internal metadata, such as:

Last but not least we use the Jacksum library to compute hash values from files to identify them and perform integrity checks.

Many thanks to all those developers which have contributed their work to our application!